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Funding Organizations

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Academic funding organizations

2024-2026Link4Skills. On skill shortages and matching needs in changing labour markets: re/up-skilling, raising wages, work automation and migration (13 partners). Coordinator: Kozminski University (KU) Poland. Financed by Horizon Europe. Erasmus budget: €225.000
2023-2024The unequal distribution of the consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic (with Risbo). Financed by ZonMw €50.000
2021-2023The impact of COVID-19 on social cohesion (with Risbo). Financed by ZonMw (2021-2022) €100.000
2020-20222020-2022: The societal impact of COVID-19 (with Risbo). Financed by ZonMw (2020-2022) €365.000
2020The social dynamics of the COVID-19 pandemic: Education, socio-economic position and solidarity (with Herman van de Werfhorst UvA). Financed by ZonMw (2020-2021) €120.0000.
2016-2020Sport and national identity: Changing citizenship and the global battle for talent. EUR Research Excellence Initiative (REI). Principal investigator: the Research Centre for Media Culture and Communication. €850.000.
2015-2021Bridging the gap between science and practice: Vulnerable youth in major cities. EUR Research Excellence Initiative (REI). Other partners: Erasmus MC and Pedagogics. €870.000.
2015-2017Transnational lives in the welfare State (TRANSWEL). Coordinator: Peace Research Institute Oslo (PRIO). Other partners: Department of Sociology Erasmus University & Human Geography (ISS), University of Oslo.
2012-2015Urban governance of CEE migration. EU Joint Programming Initiative Urban Europe (with Peter Scholten). Coordinator: Erasmus University. Participating countries: Austria, The Netherlands, Sweden & Turkey. €1.300.000.
2011-2014The Integration of refugee groups in the Netherlands. Financed by SCP (with Jaco Dagevos SCP). €100.000
2009-2013Theorizing the evaluation of European migration systems (THEMIS). Financed by NORFACE. Coordinator IMI Oxford. Other partners: Department of Sociology Erasmus University, Prio Oslo & IGOTT Lisbon. Erasmus budget €530.000.
2007-2011Islamic Youth: Des-identification and Religious Institutions. (with Willem Schinkel). Financed by NWO. €180.000.
2005-2009Urban elites: Economic international enterprise and local responsibility (with Jack Burgers). Financed by NWO. €100.000.
2005-2009The Incorporation and spatial concentration of illegal immigrants. Financed by NWO. €100.000.
2005-2008Transnationalism & urban citizenship. Financed by NWO. €315.000.
2002-2004New inequalities in the transitional labour market (with Justus Veenman). Financed by NWO. €92.000.
2001-2003Poor single mothers in the Netherlands: A study of coping strategies, ethnicity and identity. Financed by NWO. €88.000.
1999-2001Immigrant self-employment, mixed embeddedness & the multicultural city (with Rinus Penninx UvA)  Financed by NWO. €150.000.

Commissioned research (selection)

2021De gevolgen van de coronapandemie voor kwetsbare buurten in Nederland [The social impact of the coronavirus pandemic on vulnerable neighbourhoods]. Financed by City of Rotterdam (with Risbo).
2020Berichten uit een stille stad. De maatschappelijke impact van COVID-19 in Den Haag [The silent city: the social impact of COVID-19 on the city of The Hague] (with Risbo & Kieskompas). Financed by City of The Hague.
2020De bedreigde stad: de maatschappelijke impact van COVID-19 op Rotterdam [The threatened city: the social impact of COVID-19 on the city of Rotterdam) (with Risbo en Kiescompas). Financed by City of Rotterdam.
2019Maasstad aan de monitor. De andere lijstjes van Rotterdam [Monitoring Rotterdam] (with Gijs Custers, Iris Glas & Erik Snel). Financed by City of Rotterdam.
2015-2016Syrische vluchtelingen en sociale media [Syrian asylum migrants & social media] (with Rianne Dekker). Financed by Scientific Research and Documentation Centre (WODC). €50.000.
2013De dynamiek van arbeidsmigratie uit Midden- en Oost-Europa [The dynamics of CEE labour migration] (with Joost Jansen). Financed by Ministry of Social Affairs & Employment. €40.000.
2011Arbeidsmigratie in vieren [Fourfold labour migration] (with Maria Ilies, Arjen Leerkes & Erik Snel). Financed by Ministry of the Interior & Kingdom Relations/Ministry of Social Affairs & Employment. €40.000.
2010Migratiekaart irreguliere migratie [Mapping Irregular Migration] (with Jan de Boom & Arjen Leerkes) Financed by WODC. €25.000.
2009-2012Arbeidsmigratie vanuit Midden- en Oost-Europa [Labour Migration from Central and Eastern Europe] (with Jack Burgers en Erik Snel). Financed by NICIS/10 Dutch cities. €222.000.
2007-2008Allochtone middenklasse [Middle-class migrants] (with Marianne van Bochove & Katja Rusinovic). Financed by City of Rotterdam. €60.000.
2007Analyse Centrale Database Wet Samen (CDWS) [Employment Equity Policies]. (with Stijn Verbeek & Willem Schinkel). Financed by Ministry of Housing, Spatial Planning and the Environment (VROM). €25.000.
2007Oost-Europeanen in Nederland [East Europeans in the Netherlands]. Financed by Ministry of Housing, Spatial Planning and the Environment (VROM) (with Risbo). €75.000.
2006-2007Nieuwe coalities voor de wijk [New coalitions for disadvantaged neighborhoods] (with Risbo). Financed by Ministry of Housing, Spatial Planning and the Environment (VROM). €81.000.
2005-2007Irreguliere migranten in België [Irregular migrants in Belgium] (with Masja van Meeteren & Marion van San). Financed by Flemish government. €84.000.
2004Sociale herovering in Amsterdam & Rotterdam [Urban reconquest in Amsterdam & Rotterdam] (with Erik Snel & Afke Weltevrede). Financed by WRR.€48.000.
2003-2005Asielzoekers en criminaliteit [Asylum & Crime] (with Risbo & Arjen Leerkes). Financed by Politie & Wetenschap. €118.000.
2003-2013Dutch Sopemi reports. Financed by Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment/Ministry of Justice. Annual contribution.€20.000.
2003-2005Wijken voor illegalen [Neighborhoods for irregular migrants]. Financed by Ministry of Housing, Spatial Planning and the Environment (VROM) (with Arjen Leerkes & Marion van San). €147.000.
2003-2005Fase IV cliënten Dordrecht [Discouraged workers] (with Risbo). Financed by City of Dordrecht (with Risbo). €74.000.
2003Evaluatie terugkeer asielzoekers [Evaluating return of asylum migrants] (with Risbo). Financed by Internationale Organisatie voor Migratie (IOM). €10.000.
2002-2004Sociale organisatie van mensensmokkel [The social organization of human smuggling] (with Richard Staring). Financed by Politie en Wetenschap. € 82.000.
2001-2002Transnationale identiteiten [Transnational identities]. Financed by Ministry of Justice. €95.000.
2001-2002Nieuwe vangnetten in de samenleving [New informal safety nets] (with Jan Vos). Financed by KPMG/VSB Fonds. €71.000.
2001-2002Joegoslavische Jongeren [Yugoslav Youth] (with Risbo). Financed by Politie en Wetenschap €80.000.
2000-2002Irreguliere vreemdelingen in Nederland [Irregular migrants in Dutch Society] (with Risbo en Peter van der Heijden UU). Financed by WODC. €114.000.
2000-2002Landschappen van armoede [Landscapes of poverty] (with Erik Snel, Richard Staring & Annelou Ypeij). Financed by Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment. €244.000.
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